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Support on Yealink V81 June 23, 2017 - ScopServ has released official support for Yealink’s V81 firmware in the ScopTEL Automatic Provisioning System. This includes support for the V81 Power Saving configuration. Be sure to upgrade your ‘scopserv-telephony25’ package to take advantage of this new support.
New releases for Scopserv January 25, 2017 - On January 30, 2017, ScopServ will release its official version of new ISO package based on CentOS 6 and upgraded ‘scopserv-reports’ and ‘scopserv-realtime’ packages. ‘scopserv-reports’ and ‘scopserv-realtime’ release 6 packages are highly optimized using a new WebSockets Transport and process raw ACD data to SQL tables. Upgrading to ‘scopserv-reports’ and ‘scopserv-realtime’ Release 6 packages will [...]


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