ScopServ International inc is a Montreal based Canadian company and is the creator of ScopTEL IP PBX, the most complete and comprehensive GUI on the market for telephony Server management interface based on Voice over Internet Protocol.

VoIP solutions from ScopServ International are well renown to be a one of the most viable alternative from traditional telephony and also from the largest proprietary VoIP players of the industry. ScopTEL IP PBX integrated system provides one of the most stable and features filled environment available on the market.

Transparency, adaptability and trust are paramount for ScopServ when it comes to serve its clients. Regular testimonials and letters of appreciation give us pride and satisfaction in our daily process.

ScopTEL IP PBX is THE Complete Business Class VoIP Solution

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Scopserv, in short :

ScopServ is ...

  • ScopTEL IP PBX, a complete high level Multi-Tenant VoIP management interface
  • Outstanding and stable fonctionalities made our reputation throughout the years
  • Exceptional service coupled with efficient responses when it counts has been a trademark of ScopServ.
  • Integrated support of major phone and gateway manufacturers guaranties the functionality of our products

ScopServ International is also a symbiotic environment when it comes to Unified Communications

  • WITH softwares like ...
    • ScopDIAL ( Your Click to Dial conmpanion plus Google gadget and Windows App)
    • ScopCOMM ( IM chat, Presence, video calls and more...)
    • ScopSTATS ( Outstanding reporting management system in an intuitive environment )
    • ScopDEV ( A most efficient suite of external APIs composed of  ScopAMI et ScopXAPI )

And a lot more to come ... Unbelievable functionalities, complementing softwares as well as an outstanding external management interface tool provides to any customer and/or business, the best VoIP can provide in terms of Unified Communications.