AMI (Asterisk Manager Interface) allows a client program:

  • to connect to an Asterisk instance
  • to issue commands or read events over a TCP/IP stream
  • to track the state of a telephony client inside Asterisk
  • to direct a client based on custom and dynamic rules.


The main function os ScopServ XAPI (External API) Client library is to handle the communication between your application and the ScopServ Telephony server using XML connectivity (require SCOPTEL 2.0 and later). It allows:

  • a client program to connect to SCOPTEL systems
  • to issue bi-directional commands to fetch or update PBX informations remotely using XML over HTTP.
  • reception of a response packet “success” or “failure”.


The ScopServ Developper Kit offer simplicity of use and easy integration without third party dependences, include complete documentation and sample applications.