The complete historical and real-time data management environment of SCOPTEL IPBX.

Compatible with iPhone and iPad
Faster access to the database of Agent Call Distribution Reports
Company CDR history and to ACD Contact center reports

CDR / ACD reports to analyze all calls in real time:

 Real-time graphical summary of calls
 Number of calls received
 Number of abandoned calls
 Duration of call
 Call volume reports
Call Logs: Call Log Reports will show a log of all calls (outgoing and incoming) on your IPBX

Historical Reports

 Monitoring record for each recorded phone call saved in .WAV format
 DNIS Reporting CallerID reporting and filtering
 Maillog Messages logs
Call Duration
Source Reports &
Destination Reports
Unique ID’s

High precision graphic and chart

Realtime Reports

Discover the performance tool for call center agents.

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