The new resellers program launched by ScopServ offers several levels of partnership (BaseAuthorized and Certified) based on the business model, as well as on the set of goals and achievements.

This program that also relies on annual renewal of the membership, is designed to propose a better cost ventilation, as well as a higher level of equity between the several resellers.

The sales of each reseller are being recorded and a report is presented on a biannual basis (on or about July 15th, for the first half of the year ending on June 30th), in order to ensure the appropriate sales growth. At the end of the year (on or about January 15th, for the period ending on December 31st), the annual report will be forwarded. If a change in the status of a reseller becomes a problem, he will be informed of the situation without delay.

As described above, an annual renewal shall be completed for each successfully passed certification, following a different annual exam, which will confirm that the latest technology introduced into our software is already well-mastered.