Like most manufacturers, ScopServ insists that its partners are staffed with qualified technicians. Customers also want to be served by professional integrators, certified on the services and products they offer. With that in mind, ScopServ International Inc. is proud to offer its partners training and certifications programs to ensure an unparalleled customer experience.

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Our integrators and resellers are required to maintain their certification in order to retain the right to resell the ScopServ products. 

After obtaining certification these partners are officially registered as ScopServ Certified Professionals. The certificate file, sent in PDF format, can be printed and proudly displayed within the partner’s organization and integrated into their official website.  

ScopServ’s priority is to satisfy the needs of its clients. This mission is not only to design ingenious and innovative IP Telephony solutions, but also offer a range of services for the sale, installation, configuration, maintenance, training and support of these products.