Become a partner and offer a reliable and economic IP telephony system to your residential and corporate customers. Of exceptional quality, SCOPTEL applications suite provides an excellent return on investment.

Discover below the ITSP Licenses:

  • ITSP is the SCOPTEL license for your pre-determined number of tenants and users. Additional annual maintenance fees.
  • ITSP-PAYG (Pay As You Grow) is one of our best sellers as this version provides TRUE MULTI-TENANT features. This is an easy to manage and very stable platform. Unlike other multi-tenant systems, it does not need to run on separate virtual machines for each tenant. This provides our clients with the reliability, stability, manageability, and the profitability they desire. The appropriately named ITSP-PAYG version (Pay As You Grow) lets you grow at your own pace and fully leverage all of the features that the SCOPTEL platform has to offer you and your customers.

By becoming a partner, you’ll also get access to trainings and certifications to provide high-level customer service.