Expand your product line by offering SCOPTEL IPBX applications suite to your customers for their telephony needs.

SCOPTEL IPBX ensures a stable and robust scalable environment and an economic environment for business communications:

  • License by number of users and number of tenants.
  • Easy purchasing: simple and financially competitive.
  • Complete offer with most of the options included.

Find below a description of licences available.

  • Professional License: this is ScopServ’s flagship software. Not only does SCOPTEL provide you with the greatest Unified Communication platform and tools available, it provides you with outstanding versatility when it comes to customizing, adapting and supporting any need you may have.
  • License LITE : this is a lower cost solution for those that do not need everything offered from the PRO version.
  • Corporate Licence : widely used by enterprises that have many locations and want to manage their licenses on their own while having a single location for administration.

Some advanced options available:

Soon available

  • ScopCOMM RTC
  • ScopDIAL – Autodialer

Discover all advantages of becoming a partner:

  • Certification and Training Programs
  • Dedicated Programmers
  • A professional and customer-oriented team
  • Ticket system for technical support
  • Access to numerous documents in your secured “Client Portal” of our website
  • Seamless, simple and adaptive integration
  • Real-time connectivity
  • Supports IP phones that comply with SIP standard
  • And so much more!

ScopTEL, a customizable solution for your customers!

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ScopServ has an unmatched ability to release new features. Download our brochures for more information about our products.

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ScopTEL offers different licenses to meet the needs of all types of businesses. Ideal for businesses with multiple locations, ScopTEL is the best multi-tenant on the market.

Discover ScopTEL a world of possibilities that combine the three key advantages of IP telephony: cost, reliability and scalability.