The integrated products of ScopTel IPBX

We were talking about the ScopTel IPBX software suite here. Our IP telephony solution adapts to all forms of business, as call centers.

Integrated Modules for Call Centers :

ScopDEV produits intégrés du scoptel ipbx, Montréal With its version 3.0, the ScopDev allows the integration of APIs (Application Programming Interface).

The main APIs of ScopDev allow you to:

  • Make a call from an extension
  • Obtain ScopTel IPBX system information such as: tenants, class of service, feature codes, directories, conferences, parking, applications and more
  • Live monitor IPBX status
  • Live monitor SIP / IAX phone extensions
  • Get the list of VoIP accounts
  • Manage Asterisk database with ODBC support, extensions and hotdesking extensions, ACD queues and agents, voicemail mailboxes, wake-up calls …

You can also integrate telephony functionality into your applications !

See the full brochure here.

ScopSTATS produits intégrés du scoptel ipbx montreal ScopStats is the management environment that provides a variety of ScopTel IPBX statistical reports.

This module stands out thanks to a system of hierarchical links between parent data.

Some features of ScopStats:

  • Call detail reports: graphical summary, number of calls received, number of calls abandoned, call duration, call volume report, call logs on your IPBX
  • Dynamic diagrams with HTML5 technology
  • Available in French and in English
  • Real-time monitor designed for smooth and fast use
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Phone status in real time
  • History by queue
  • Provides statistical and detailed views of activity on a queue
  • Imported into Microsoft® Excel to take advantage of formatting and graphic capabilities

See the full brochure here.

ScopSWITCH produit intégré du scoptel ipbx, Montréal ScopSwitch lets call center agents ans supervisors thoroughly monitor user status in real time.

The integrated product of ScopTel displays the statistics of your Customer Contact Center (CCC).

ScopSwitch has a real-time web interface to supervise all the resources of your IPBX:

  • Displays the status of of telephone terminals, calls in progress, status of return calls
  • Displays office status, the phone number of the connected user
  • Displays the status of the line-up
  • Voicemail boxes
  • Displays the status of VoIP accounts
  • Conferences: list and status
  • Public and private menu panels
  • Virtual phone added (with receptionist version)
  • Contact management with a call button and send-message button

See the full brochure here.

Stay tuned, ScopTel APA, the new product of the IPBX is in beta now, we’ll inform you of its official release!