AGENT PORTAL APPLICATION : The performance optimization solution for call center agents.

Discover its functionalities


The APA complements your telephony without replacing it. While using APA, you can keep using the same functions on your phone as before. You now have two ways of calling, answering, transfering, etc.

Incoming Calls

Once you are logged in the application, you will be notified of incoming calls. The call will be accepted on your phone terminal, via headset or speaker.

Outgoing Calls

To dial an extension or an outgoing call, type the number in the text box.


You can put yourself in pause mode so that you stop receiving phone calls from queues, and your phone sends a busy signal if someone tries to call it.


To view activity on the queues and log into or out of queues:

Status: the compliance satus of the queue according to System Level Agreement (SLA) as set up in ScopTel IPBX. You can quickly see if a queue’s service level is low and requires intervention.

Queue Name: the tenant and queue name

AVG wait: the average waiting time of callers before their call is answered

Waiting: the number of current callers waiting on the queue

Abandon Rate: the ration of abandonned calls. A high ration usually indicates that callers are spending too much time waiting to be answered

Queue Statistics

APA displays two global numbers:

AWT: the Average caller Wait Time on all queues

Waiting: the total number of caller waiting on all queues


There are two preferences that you can access:

Theme: to set the background theme to either dark or light (default)

Display: to set which screen will display the app if you have multiple displays

Language: currently English and French are supported

Kuando BusyLight

If your computer is connected to a Kuando Busylight, it will display the following light signals:

green: available to receive calls

red (pulsing): line is busy

blue: incoming call

yellow: away (agent is on pause)

The call center supervision tool.

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