ScopServ welcomes Synsip as a new distributor

It is with great enthusiasm that ScopServ International Inc. announces a new agreement with Synsip, as the new ScopServ distributor for Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

Synsip is a well-established provider of VoIP solutions for the public and private sectors in Europe. Located in Belgium, Synsip has several years of experience in telephony, VoIP and PBX Platforms and has an excellent knowledge of the European market. They have been a ScopServ Partner since 2011 and Synsip is also a ScopServ Primary Training and Certification Center.
“I proudly welcome this new partnership with Synsip. They have been able to perceive the potential of our products as integrator and will now bring its expertise to develop ScopServ in this region of Europe. This collaboration will enrich the quality of future opportunities and will greatly expand the number of qualified integrators. ” Denis Trépanier, President & CEO ScopServ International Inc.