SCOPCOMM : VoIP solution for unified communications

ScopComm unified communications montreal scoptel ipbx product

ScopComm : carrier garde IP Telephony application for desktop and smartphone.

ScopComm supports WebRTC natively delivers browser-based and native desktop applications to both macOS and Windows operating systems.

  • Picture transfer and file transfer feature making collaboration easy across a wide range of devices and operating systems.
  • Can automatically upload your smartphone contacts, detect web phone numbers, make audio or video calls and send text messages between users.

ScopComm is add on to ScopTel IPBX.

Functions :

SCOPCOMM a graphical explanation voip solution

  • Support for Android and iOS
  •  💡 Push Notifications : for incoming calls and will therefore have minimal effect on the battery life of your mobile devices
  • Audio and Video Calls
  • Voice Conferencing and Video Conferencing
  • Text Messaging (SMS) and Rich Messaging (MMS)
  • File Transferinf
  • Call Forward and Call Transfert
  • Smart Contacts

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