ScopServ’s reseller program offers different partnership levels

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ScopServ offers basic and advanced training programs to its resellers and clients

Our Training Programs

Many partners insist that their customers are served by qualified technicians

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Discover our 3 reseller levels

Reseller Levels

ScopServ partners are an expanding network of resellers and distributors!

The quality of our products is recognized by a growing network of partners. They recognize the flexibility and reliability of the SCOPTEL software suite and see it as a competitive and innovative solution that they happily recommend to their clients. 

Our resellers provide customized telephony solutions and ongoing maintenance tailored for each installation. Including all details from planning, network design and implementation, telephony integration, training and ongoing support.

Some of our partners have achieved certification to become ScopServ training centres and secondary support centres, which enables them to ensure compliance with the highest standards of quality in the training and support of our customers.

Distributors of ScopServ products are recognized and well established companies in their regions. They fulfill the deployment of solutions tailored to the needs of our customers. All our distributors provide value added support and certified training centres. This is to ensure they can offer ScopServ support and training to dealers and customers alike.