Notice of appointment – Internal structure

Denis Trépanier, President & CEO of ScopServ International Inc., is pleased to announce some changes in our internal structure in order to ensure the development of high-performance products and provide quality service to our customers and partners.

First of all, Mr Trépanier is keen to recognize the involvement of ScopServ Integrated Services in the development of quality products and solutions. Over the years, the members of this team have naturally linked to ours by sharing vision and values about customers and development. Doug Reid, Technical Director of ScopServ Integrated Services, will also be named Director of Research and Development for ScopServ International Inc. “I am very pleased to announce that SSI and SSIS have come to agreements that will ensure that high-performance solutions are built and tailored to the needs of our clients worldwide. Doug and I having worked very closely for over 12 years now, the time has come to make his contribution official within our international group’’, Denis Trépanier.

Jason Zeederberg is named Lead Programmer for the South African division of ScopServ International Inc. Together with our local team, he will be developing future applications we will be offering to our customers, worldwide.

Marie-Pierre Archambault, formerly Communications coordinator and having been a valuable support at various levels, is appointed Director of Operations. Her efficiency and great management experience facilitate our daily operations and ensure the smooth running of our activities. Marie-Pierre will assist Denis in all his activities and will be the person to contact in his absence.

Since joining the ScopServ International Inc. team in 2012, David Brillert has played an important role in the quality of the products we offer to our customers. With his in-depth knowledge of SCOPTEL products and his contribution to product enhancements and quality assurance, he is now appointed Product Manager. Aware of all developments, David will ensure that all countries in which we sell our products are served diligently and with unparalleled technical professionalism.

After a year of collaboration, François Goedike joined the team full-time as Business Development Manager. He will oversee and follow up on business opportunities in the different markets that we aim.

“I am pleased to see our team grow!. I am proud of the work accomplished so far, but the best is yet to come! Our team of programmers is stronger than ever and together, we can succeed in an exceptional way,” Denis Trépanier.

We take this opportunity to thank our entire team for their loyalty, trust and great collaboration. To each and everyone, thank you!